High IRR Opportunity Private Equity Investments


High IRR Opportunity Private Equity Investments

For clients whose fundamental structural requirements of accumulation have been addressed and the appropriate level of assets have been deployed to be productive by generating rational “investment returns” with an imperative of portfolio resiliency and capital preservation, the inclusion of a higher risk/higher return component can and should be considered. To the extent there is availability of investment participations, over and above the amounts allocated to Concorde Clients, participations are made available to external investors.

Through its extensive network of alternative investment managers, Concorde has access to proprietary private investment and partnership opportunities not available through the public markets. These alternative investments, with their potential to capture higher returns while further diversifying the portfolios, provide clients in appropriate situations the opportunity for creating additional wealth. Conversely, they also add elements of risk, such as illiquidity.

In selecting appropriate investment alternatives for client portfolios, Concorde relies heavily on its expertise and precise methods of due diligence. Because Concorde, or its principals, invest in these opportunities alongside their client funds, clients can be assured that their interests and objectives are foremost in any investment decisions. Concorde seeks such opportunities, conducts necessary due diligence, recommends participations based on each client circumstances, manages ongoing interest of its clients and reports regularly on valuations and conditions of the investments.

Historical examples of direct or indirect investments through special purpose partnerships or non-publicly traded companies include ventures in healthcare technology and services, oil and gas, software, basic manufacturing, and Internet-based services.


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