Throughout the vast wealth management landscape the options available to high net worth families can seem infinite and indistinguishable. Concorde was created with the intent to provide a clear alternative to traditional wealth management firms for managing our clients’ assets and preserving their wealth.  Many financial advisors struggle to differentiate themselves; Concorde does it each day through its established principles, processes and practices.

  • Concorde’s principals are not just relationship managers; they are the investment managers who engage directly with each of our clients and make the investment decisions.
  • Concorde is an experienced fixed income manager with multiple resources with the ability to customize portfolios that focus on income generation and asset stability.
  • Concorde strictly follows a disciplined investment strategy grounded in proven principles which enables us to avoid significantly overvalued investment sectors and the accompanying downturns when sector dislocation revert to normal.
  • Concorde’s principals have extensive, real world business operating backgrounds, which fortifies their portfolio decisions in equity and debt investments.
  • Concorde’s investment managers have access to proprietary private investment and partnership opportunities, providing appropriate clients with the ability to achieve optimum diversification in their portfolios.
  • As an independent RIA, Concorde has access to multiple sources providing a wider variety of public investment options (fixed income in particular).
  • Founded in the early 1980s, Concorde’s principals have experienced multiple economic and investment cycles, including booms, busts and crises; which provides our clients with the confidence to exercise disciplined investment behavior.
  • Concorde utilizes a deliberate client selection process which ensures our clients are of similar mindsets and enhances our working relationships.
  • Concorde helps its clients avoid making poor investment decisions by considering the totality of their financial picture versus the micro-picture of the assets under management.
  • The Concorde team of advisors is expanding into its second generation providing our clients with the confidence of continuity in the management of their investments after our principals retire.
  • Concorde didn’t need the Madoff scandal, or any other crisis, to establish the highest standards of transparency and accuracy in reporting, having provided its clients with dual statements from both Concorde and our custodian since its inception.